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Pacific Steel Structures, LLC.

Pacific Steel Structures, LLC is the Pacific Northwest’s newest solution for tapered tubular steel utility structures. We are based in the Pacific Northwest to serve the Pacific Northwest. Our extensive product lines cover tapered tubular steel transmission poles, substation structures, and substation low-side support structures. Our dedication to customer service will makes us the leader in the tapered tubular steel utility products, where customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

Our staff has over 20 years of experience serving the northwest’s utility industry, so we are familiar with your needs and we are here ready to provide you the highest quality product, in the shortest amount of time, at the most economical price.

The selection process of a tapered tubular steel supplier is not only a process but an investment in a long-term partner and should be done with the utmost consideration. Not all suppliers stand equal when it comes to customer satisfaction, integrity, quality, or cost competitiveness. Not all suppliers possess the experience and resources to deliver innovative products, when you need them, and within your budget and timeline.

One company, however, stands out above all the rest…..Pacific Steel Structures, LLC.






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